Character Creation

The links on this page will Hopefully help you to build a character in the new system. Bear with me though :P

Main Attributes -

  • Physical
  • Strength (Governs Attack (Melee) Strength, Stamina and Defence (Melee))
  • Agility (Governs Attack (Ranged) Strength, Speed, Accuracy and Defense (Ranged))
  • Vitality (Governs Health, Stamina, Defence and Resistance)
  • Mental
  • Knowledge (Governs Special, Contract Power and Payment Severity)
  • Logic (Governs Resistance, Contract Power and Payment Severity)
  • Instinct (Governs your ability to stay cool in combat, And to a lesser extent, all other stats)
  • Social
  • Charisma (Governs your Manipulation, Intimidation, Persuasion and other social abilities)
  • Awareness (Governs your perception, insight and Initiative, among other things)
  • Blend (Governs your Anonymity and Stealth)

Choose a faction (has certain benefits, must match team.)

Character Creation

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